The Delta Mist Story

Penetrating Asphalt Spray Application

Delta Mist® penetrating asphalt rejuvenator is a liquid, plant-based asphalt rejuvenator product formulated by the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (WBI). It is based on the original Delta S technology developed by Dr. John Warner and his staff of research scientists at WBI in 2014 utilizing the 12 Principals of Green Chemistry.

Delta Mist® rejuvenator is an emulsified version of Delta S® rejuvenator, allowing for spray applied topical rejuvenating seal that penetrates the surface and softens the asphalt binder to improve cohesion while retarding crack propagation of the pavement surface. This rejuvenator penetrates the asphalt pavement surface up to 3/8 inch in depth to restore the oxidized asphalt and reduce the loss of fines and aggregates increasing the pavement service life. With the proper pavement surface preparation and application rate, this rejuvenator slows the asphalt oxidation process for up to three years with each application.

Delta Mist® Penetrating Asphalt Spray Rejuvenator Seal

  • Ambient temperature must be a minimum of 50°F. minimum and rising
  • Asphalt pavement must be clean and dry with a surface temperature of 50°F. minimum and rising
  • Applies by conventional distributors at application rates of 0.05 gallons per square yard to 0.135 gallons per square yard based on pavement condition
  • Does not require heat or agitation to apply
  • Does not require sand or aggregate cover and the subsequent clean-up
  • Does not obscure traffic markings or affect reflectivity
  • Does not negatively impact surface friction characteristics
  • Does not require special handling as Delta Mist® penetrating asphalt rejuvenator is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-regulated chemical
  • Allows for a return to traffic in 60-90 minutes based on ambient temperature and humidity level

The Delta Mist unit weight is 8.22 pounds per gallon.

Collaborative Aggregate's Delta Mist being applied

Collaborative Aggregate's Delta Mist being applied

Collaborative Aggregate's Delta Mist being applied

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